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We do a lot of business with GoDaddy.com. Their domain names are cheap, their hosting is cheap and fairly reliable (about as reliable as anybody else), and their support is decent. We have recommended them to a lot of our clients because, frankly, there just isn’t anybody we’ve found we like better who offers the products they do.

GoDaddy is also the KING of the upsell. You can’t do anything on their web site without them offering you 50 other products. Hey, that’s fine…that’s just business. But we discovered them doing something today that is COMPLETELY inappropriate. After logging into one of our GoDaddy accounts, we were displayed an offer to register a domain name THAT IS THE SAME AS OUR PASSWORD!


Does this not violate the very root of what a password is supposed to be? It is shameful for GoDaddy to be throwing your password up onto the screen in HUGE letters for anyone to see. I hope they change this policy before they get burned. If not, this may be the final straw that forces us to find another company to work with, as well as opening them up to lawsuits by people who have their passwords stolen.