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Local SEO

What is local SEO?

Simply put, local SEO is the process of using a search engine to put your website in front of people in your geographic market looking for what you are selling. Sometimes this is done with paid search (paying for the clicks). The purpose of local SEO is to make this happen “organically.”

If you are a business located in and conducting business in Dickson, Tennessee, then you want people in Dickson who search Google for your service to see your website.

This starts by having a well-optimized website. The process of search engine optimizing a web page has many things that must be done correctly. Work Media has optimized hundreds of web pages over the years.

The next piece is the creation and optimization of a local Google listing. With the surge in smartphone usage and Google Maps becoming the top local search engine, verifying and optimizing your local business listing in the Google system should be a priority.

It is important not to confuse Google. Whatever your physical address is, that should be on your website. That should be in your Google local listing. It should be contained in external references (called “citations”) to your business.

Speaking of citations, the building of a catalog of citations that mention your business along with your address is an extremely important part of the process.

Our local search optimization package starts at only $250 per month. We do not require a contract, although we do ask that you give us at least three months to start showing results. SEO is not a quick process. But we offer a steady, consistent service that WILL show results if you get it time.

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