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Work Media Internet Marketing Report – Video Edition

This is our video show where we talk about and demonstrate Internet marketing techniques that will make you MUCH more successful promoting and driving traffic to your website.

Episode 8: Behind the Scenes with the Work Media Media Team

Yes, that’s right. We said “media media.” Get a behind the scenes look at the Work Media media team working on some music for a new marketing project. Be unique in your Internet marketing.

Episode 7: Creating Content as a Meaningful Specific

Jerry discusses the results he is seeing from his strategy of posting new content every day, as well as applying the strategy in the context of the old Zig Ziglar approach of being a meaningful specific, rather than a wondering generality.

Episode 6: Keep Rockin’ – Be Unique In Your Marketing

You must find a way to make your marketing content interesting, even if you are not a big, dynamic personality.

Episode 5: Hyper-Optimization: an Extreme Strategy

We discuss the idea of approaching all of your online marketing platforms from the perspective of achieving maximum optimization.

Episode 3: Four Google Platforms Every Business Should be Using and Why

Google makes available four major platforms that let you learn things as well as provide information to Google. We tell you what they are and why you should use each one of them.

Episode 2: Setting up a Google MyBusiness Account

Setting up a Google MyBusiness account is extremely important for any business operating in a specific geographic marketing. We show you how to do it.

Episode 1: A New Old SEO Technique that NO ONE Is Using

We talk about a way to build your website that is completely different from what almost every business is doing these days that will give you a search engine advantage, even though it’s the way things were done years ago.