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Trust Flow is a concept that is important in the area of ranking a website. If you understand it and use it, it will give you a strong competitive advantage and a good chance at ranking well in Google.

For a number of years there was a concept very important in the search engine optimization world called “PageRank.” PageRank is a sort-of ranking of importance that Google applies to web pages. What was useful about it is that that value could be passed around from one web page to another. So getting links from high PageRank web pages helped improve search rankings of the web page that is being linked to.

PageRank has given way to another concept called “Trust Flow.” The idea behind Trust Flow is basically that you want websites to link to your website, and you want to link out to other websites, that are legitimate and highly relevant to the subject of your website. You want to be part of a trusting “flow” of information from one website to another.

Links from higher quality websites carry more weight and help improve your ranking more than lesser quality sites. Quality and relevance are more important than quantity.

It is a good idea for your website to link out to other websites that are on a similar subject. For a local business, link out to complimentary businesses in your area. Become a hub for information about businesses in your town.

Next, you need to try and get some links pointing to your website from other relevant websites. This can be more tricky. The easiest way to start is with any kind of business directory that is relevant. You can also ask other local businesses to link to you. Look at it this way – anything that brings business into your town is good for you and for every other business in town. Be generous in helping promote (and link to) other complimentary businesses and they will very like be generous in promoting (and linking to) you in return.

Getting links to your website is only one part of a well-rounded Internet marketing campaign, so it’s not the end of the world if you struggle with it. But try. All else equal, having some inbound links is better than having none.

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