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Dan Kennedy has a piece of marketing advice that I really like, and that I try to adhere to every day (actually, Kennedy has many pearls of wisdom), that goes something like this:

Do something every day to put prospects in the pipeline.

In other words, do some kind of promotion every day to bring business. It could be:

  • Make a blog post
  • Send an email
  • Write an article
  • Send a newsletter

These are just a few examples. Unless it’s a day where you are determined not to do any kind of work, don’t rest your head at night until you have done SOMETHING to bring in business. Work Media really likes the approach of blogging every day. It creates lots of original content, helps our search engine rankings, and helps get our name out to the world. If we at least make a blog post, then we have made some kind of little effort in the name of marketing.

Which is why, as on many nights, this post is being made at just a little before 11:00 PM. It might be bed time…but we’re still promoting.