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The topic of today’s post may seem obvious. I mean, who wouldn’t make sure their landing pages work before launching a pay per click campaign? Well, we do make the assumption that you would test your pages before launching the campaign…but what about afterwards?

You should check your landing pages periodically. Hey, things happen. If your landing page is completely static (straight-up HTML with no server-side code), then chances of it breaking are minimal. But what about your form?

Your landing page probably has some kind of form. If it doesn’t, then what’s the point? Your form will have to use some kind of server-side component or script to deliver the contents of the form to your site (or to process an order). And that’s where things can break.

We have a client whose account recently began performing quite poorly. It turns out that her hosting company had moved her site to a new server. In the process, they had broken the form confirmation page (the page that sends the contents of the form to our client in an email). We spotted this by submitting the form ourselves to make sure it still works. We did this on a hunch after noticing that her site had stopped showing any conversions in her search engine conversion stats.

So…don’t let this happen to you. Once a week, check all of your landing pages to make sure your forms are still working. The nickel you save could be your own.

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