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Okay, we’re back in action (as far as this blog goes). My daughter had her surgery Wednesday, and it seemed to go well. I tell ya, babies are tough. If I had had the same surgery, I would have been lying around moaning for days. My daughter, on the other hand, was crawling around, happy as could be when we took her home the next day. Amazing.

Anyway, we have a busy week. We have a new client in the legal industry, Lucius Hawes, an attorney based out of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We also took on another client who has asked that we not reveal our working relationship. But we’re glad to welcome some new clients, even if we can’t brag about who they are.

We will be working with our Indian developer to hopefully finish the Google Dominator application this week. I think the app turned out to be more complicated than our developer had anticipated, but we are confident that we’ll get it done.

I have also made great progress on our latest book. This one will not be available for free on our site (sorry). It represents the culmination of two years’ worth of research and writing, so we will be shopping it around for publication. We may just end up selling it ourselves, depending on what happens with publisher discussions.

That’s our company update. Sorry, no lesson today. We’re too dang busy! But I’ll post again Wednesday and we’re get back to the normal business of learning about search engine optimization and pay per click management.

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