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Jerry Work here. I have no idea what to write about today. I’m not feeling very inspired. I have not had very much time the last few days to work on the AdWords management application, so there’s not much to talk about with that. I was up ALL night Monday night working on a proposal that could mean a very large piece of business for us. I got it sent out yesterday about 10:00 in the morning. So I was useless yesterday and got next to nothing done. But that’s what is beautiful about running your own company. If you need to work 24 hours straight one day and take the next day off, well, there’s nobody to tell you you can’t do it (although clients can definitely dictate such things).

Soon Chris and I will be bringing our other brother, Corey, into the business. He is currently working on his Google certification and working hard to get up to speed. Then we’ll be out of brothers, so whoever the fourth person is who comes into the company may have to come from outside the family.

Very soon, we are going to be slammed with more work than we can get done. Then we’ll really need to start ramping up our personnel. That will be interesting. I’ve been on the interviewee side of the table many times. And I hate it. But the time is coming when I’ll be on the interviewer side, which will definitely be a nice change. But will I be a hardass like some interviewers I have dealt with, or will I be cool and try to make the job applicant comfortable? I don’t know. I’ll have to find my style, although I will probably lean toward the laid back side.

I’m a huge fan of the eMyth books. One of the primary themes of those books is that a business needs to run like a franchise. Your business needs to run on systems, not people. You should run your business in such a way that anyone could be plugged into it and immediately take care of business. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it. We have written several Internet marketing guides and are working on tools to automate much of what we do. It takes a ton of time doing that stuff – time that could be spent on generating business – but I think it’s critical that BEFORE we get overrun with work, we are prepared for it and have a plan for managing the workload.

Well, there you go. I’ve managed to crank out a blog by talking about every day stuff. This actually relates to a blog I posted a long time ago where I said that not every blog you post has to be substantial in length or quality. We always try to teach some kind of lesson in our blog, but sometimes you just gotta mail it in. The main thing is just to get it out. Somehow.

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