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I LOVE Tweet Later. I started using the free version several weeks ago to help build up my Twitter follower list by setting the program to automatically follow back anyone who follows me, and to send a personal message to anyone who follows me. Just doing those two things has helped tremendously in launching my Twitter account.

I just started using the paid version, and if you are serious about using Twitter as a marketing tool, then it is well worth the money. With the professional version of Tweet Later, you can pre-configure a bunch of spinnable tweets to be posted at regular intervals. If you set it up right, this can save you a TON of time managing your account.

This strategy is most useful if you already have a lot of content to link to in your tweets. For instance, if you have been publishing a blog for a while, then you can set up a bunch of tweets that link to various blog posts you have written. Similarly, if you have a web site that offers a lot of products, then you can set up a bunch of tweets that link to different product pages.

If you don’t have any existing material to set up lots of tweets for, you can still make good use of Tweet Later. It just might take more work to come up with material for all of your pre-configured tweets.

I do VERY little affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, to a large extent, is offensive to me because it involves people pushing products that are basically garbage. But I am impressed enough by this product that I am officially promoting it to my readers. I officially recommend the professional version of Tweet Later. To learn more, visit this link:


By the way, there is a one week free trial (no credit card required!) for the professional version, so I definitely recommend you try it out with all of its features.