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Many of you have asked, “Why does our site rank for this keyword, but not this one”. Therefore, I would like to explain our process of selecting keywords for our marketing efforts.

Most companies measure the success of an SEO marketing campaign by one thing: search engine rankings. But there’s a lot more to tracking your success. So your site has multiple top search engine rankings – This is a good thing, right? Maybe.. Are your clients actually searching for these terms or phrases? Selecting the right keywords or phrases is the single most important component of a successful SEO campaign.

At WorkMedia We begin our research with demographics. Demographics play a large role in potential clients’ search characteristics. Are they searching for “auto widgets” or “car widgets”? Our research indicates demographical terms/phrases may increase targeted search queries by as much as 1000%. Fortunately for you there are a ton of marketers out there performing search engine optimization (SEO) without doing their homework. How can this work to your advantage? As you’re researching keyword phrases you’ll notice there are pharases netting more traffic with less competition. Or you may find 2 less competitive phrases generating equivalent traffic with less competition. Focus on finding the right phrases and tapping that market before your competition does!

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Chris Work