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We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season…’cause now it’s time to get to work! In this, our first blog post of 2009, we want to talk about a more high level subject (as opposed to information specific to Internet marketing), and that is: setting goals!

There is lots to know about the mechanics of the mind, but as far as goals are concerned, you should know this: your mind works to bring into reality those things you set as goals. So, should your goal be to “make lots of money”? No. Reason being, your goals should be specific and measurable. “Lots of money” is not measurable. The goal also lacks a deadline, which is another critical component of your goals. So a much better goal would be something like “my business generating $1 million in revenue by December 31, 2010.” You get the idea.

Your goals should also be written down and looked at often, rather than constructed in your mind and thought about occasionally. There is a device you are probably aware of called “affirmations,” which should be incorporated if you want to really absorb your goals and make them part of you. An affirmation is the stating of a goal in the present tense as if it has already happened. Top experts tell us that an affirmation should be hooked up to some kind of emotional trigger for greater impact on your subconscious mind. Sticking with our example from above, a good affirmation might be “My business is earning $1 million in revenue by December 31, 2010 and it feels wonderful to have such financial freedom.” Your affirmations should be repeatedly spoken out loud. Another powerful technique to combine with affirmations is visualization, which is the act of visualizing your goals as already completed while you state your affirmations. The more detailed your visualizations, the better.

Goals should be used in any area of your personal or business life that needs improvement, including your web site traffic and results. If your web site currently receives 1,000 visitors per month, then you might set a goal of 2,000 visitors per month. Write down that goal, then think “from the goal” (as if it has already happened), and ask your mind to come up with a plan for making it happen. Start by brainstorming some ideas and writing them down. Then tomorrow write down some more ideas, or whenever ideas come to you. Try to create a plan from your ideas, and begin to put your plan into action.

It has been proven that those who set goals acheive more than non-goal setters. So it is a strategy you should definitely employ as you try to have a successful 2009.

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