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You just can’t beat good old fashioned person-to-person networking for generating business. We had a booth at a recent networking event hosted by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, and it was fantastic. We talked to lots of people who were very interested in our services and collected a ton of business cards. We will definitely be doing it again.

The lesson for you? Look, these are hard times. You should definitely continue using the Internet to promote your business, but if you sell a service, you need to get out and shake some trees…see if you can round up some business. Just be aggressive and use lots of different strategies to generate business. In an economy like we have now, businesses that are lazy will falter, while those that work hard and refuse to go down will prosper once we make it out of this recession.

There are networking opportunities out there. Go find them and take advantage of them. Join the Chamber of Commerce (but don’t expect the COC to bend over backwards to help you). If you can’t find any networking opportunities, create one. Be proactive.

Here are a couple more links for good sites focused on the subject of law firm internet marketing:



As you see, one of the links is a Google Knol link. Have you tried Knol? It is another social networking site that allows you to build a page about any subject you want. And since it is a service owned by Google itself, it can result in a nicely valued link to your site that Google will find quickly.

In closing, times are tough, but all you can do is keep working and promoting. Hang in there!