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Jerry Work here. These are exciting days around the Work Media headquarters. We have begun a search engine marketing consulting assignment for Bentley Systems, a CAD software company based in Philadelphia that is one of the most respected companies in the industry. We’ve been consulting with them on search engine optimization since January and will now be managing their American pay-per-click ads.

We have also closed several deals with smaller firms, such as Alboum & Associates, a well-respected language translation firm in Arlington, Virginia, and Choice Group Realty, a realtor that specializes in fine homes in the Phoenix/Scottsdale areas of Arizona.

We are even in serious discussions with a possible partner/investor, which will greatly increase our capacity and our ability to grow.

But best of all…tomorrow my wife enters the hospital to give birth to my daughter, Elizabeth Skyler Work. So my personal productivity will be way down for a few days while I tend to family matters. But fear not, my hard-working brother, Chris, will keep us going until I get back in action.

So in summary, these are exciting days around the Work Media camp, but it would be even more exciting if we heard from YOU! Contact us at Info@WorkMedia.net or 888-299-4837.