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We recently came upon a web site with some interesting content:


This site runs experiments to find marketing techniques that work well. The following page:


shows results from an experiment in which two different landing page designs were tested for a couple of different web sites – the original landing page design and a new landing page designed to meet the expectations of the visitors to the site, based on research of what those expectations are.

In one experiment, the landing page of a service business web site was changed to meet customer expectations in terms of industry-specific visual appearance. The new landing page converted over 12% better. Not bad. In a year’s time, that would represent a significant amount of revenue.

In another experiment, a new landing page was tested that used anxiety-reducing elements like testimonials and guarantees. The new landing page converted over 70% better, even though the original landing page looked very professional and was consistent with other landing pages in the industry.

So what is the lesson?

First off, know your customers’ expectations. Not just in terms of service and whatnot, but what their expectations are in terms of colors, fonts, design, etc.

Second, use whatever it takes to put your prospects at ease – testimonials, guarantees, anything that proves that what you say is true and that you stand by your word.

Third…you need to create landing pages! Period!

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