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Jerry here. Man, I have been knee-deep in code for weeks now. Sometimes I curse having a background in programming. But the fact is, my having that experience is invaluable. One thing Work Media prides itself on is our flexibility in being able to help someone with their problems, no matter what they are.

Need a new web site? We’ll build it.

Ecommerce not working? We’ll fix it.

Need a custom program? We’ll create it.

None of which is really our core business, which is marketing! But we can’t do much in the way of marketing a bad or broken web site, so the behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty important.

We have been customizing the hell out of a Zen Cart installation for one of our clients. We are WAY beyond the default features and functionality. But when the new site is live, I fully expect it to greatly improve our client’s conversion rates. And the great thing is…we’ll even know it if he does since we’ll actually be able to track that stuff now. His old site, which was…well…not very good…could not be properly plugged into our analytics package. So we had a CLUE as to what was working, but not as much detailed information as we would have liked. The new site fixes all that.

It’s also wearing me out. I worked ’til past 5:00 in the morning the night before last. But it’s what I have to do to get the dang thing done.

I have also begun development of our own proprietary Twitter management tool, which we will make available to the public once it is live and stable. Speaking of Twitter, if you haven’t already, I invite you to check out our Twitter marketing blog, www.TheTwitterMarketingBlog.com. I do a MUCH better job updating it than I do this one.