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Today’s Squidoo lens is about keyword research. This lens presents eight effective keyword research strategies, along with various resources, links, videos and more to learn more about this very important topic.

Well, Microsoft is certainly trying to fight back against the market share that Apple is taking from PC machines. Its new ad campaigns are big budget productions starring the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Mr. Microsoft himself, Bill Gates. The first ad, which centered around Seinfeld and Gates in a shoe store, was a flop, in my opinion. It was fairly humorous, but not at all “hip,” which I believe it was meant to be. The worst part of it is that it did not at all address the question of why someone should continue using PCs rather than Macs. It was the advertising equivalent of a box office bomb.

This weekend I saw their next attempt, which is much better. In the new ad, many interesting and cool people (scientists, explorers, athletes, celebrities) look at the camera stating “I’m a PC.” This ad is more on target because it directly counters the underlying theme of Mac’s very successful campaign that portrays PC users as nerds in suits. It still doesn’t really address why you should use Windows, but it shows that many, many successful people use PCs.

I have to wonder about Microsoft’s ROI on these ads. Maybe in this situation, ROI doesn’t even matter. When a company with all the money in the world is losing market share, maybe the solution is just to spend your way back to the top. That’s not the approach we take with our clients, but our clients don’t have the kind of funding that Microsoft has.

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