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If you are thinking of working with a search engine optimization company and they tell you they can have your site ranked on the first page of Google within a week…you need to step back and ask yourself what you are really getting. Yes, it is probably possible to have a site highly ranked in Google within one week…

…for a keyword that no one is using!

Here’s the deal. It does not matter if your site is number one on Google, if that number one ranking is for a keyword that no one is using to search for your type of business. The point of a search engine marketing campaign is not to achieve rankings…it’s to drive traffic. That is the reason we really don’t have any kind of package deals right now where we promise X number of rankings for Y keywords. Every web site is different. Every situation is different.

We may end up marketing our services via such packages before it’s over with (if that’s what we have to do to stay in business), but we definitely prefer to take it on a case-by-case basis. It may be the case that for your web site, for your industry, you only need to be ranked for one keyword to generate a ton of traffic. If that is true, then we focus our efforts on that one keyword. Or there may be five different keyword that, collectively, would drive a ton of the traffic you need. In that case, we will focus on those five keywords.

So don’t be fooled by the claims of some SEO firms. Sure…they can probably have you ranked on the first page of Google within a week…but they won’t put any money in your bank account.

Please contact Work Media is you need any help with your search engine optimization or pay per click management. We won’t make any grand promises, but we will give it to you straight. And we will work our butts off to get you ranked for the keywords that will actually result in customers for your business.