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Well, well…here we are…200 blog posts. Please excuse us while we give ourselves a pat on the back…[pat, pat, pat]…

We thought we would use this occasion to give some of our very best tips for promoting your web site:

  • Pick one keyword for which to optimize the front page of your site. Make that keyword the first words in your title. Use it twice in the copy, once in a header, and once in bold. Use it in the alt attribute of the first image on the page. Use it in the text of every link throughout your site that links to your home page. And, if possible, use it in the text of links on other web sites that point to your site. Speaking of links…
  • Get lots of external links pointing to your home page. I don’t care what some “experts” say – we have seen time and time again that linking still works as an SEO technique.
  • Write articles. This may be the single best way to acquire one-way, keyword-rich links to your site. Do it often. If you do one a week, in a year’s time you will have a TON of links. If you can’t write, there are companies you can hire to do it for you. Or hire a smart local high school kid to do it.
  • Publish a blog. Search engines love content that changes often. That’s exactly what a blog is – content that you update often. But you need to post at least twice per week.
  • Use paid search. Sure, it delivers targeted traffic to your web site. But possibly even more importantly, it generates mission critical data. It will tell you things like what keywords generate the most traffic, what keywords generate customers, what web page copy converts at the best rate, etc.
  • Use your analytics. You need to have a strong understanding of what is going on on your web site. For example, are your visitors using a particular screen resolution that doesn’t work well with your site? Is there a particular location where a lot of your visitors come from? Is there a particular page on your site where most visitors leave? Google Analytics can answer all these questions for you, and it’s free.
  • Never stop trying to do better. Using the data from paid search and your analytics, you should constantly be looking for clues as to what changes to make to improve the performance of your site.

If you do these things, you will be successful. But is it work? Of course. That’s why we’re able to be in business. Because it takes time to implement a search marketing campaign and get a feel for what the data means. So if you could use some help with your search engine optimization or pay per click management, call us today at 888-299-4837 or email us at Info@WorkMedia.net.

See ya in blog post number 201!