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While discussing the proper strategy for a new client who is in a brand new market, we realized that paid search would work, but that we would have to go about things a different way. The problem is there is no search traffic of any significance directly related to our client’s business because noone even knows such a service exists. So how can you use paid search ads to get your message in front of your audience when there’s no traffic to begin with?

Basically…you can’t. At least not in the search engines. Not until some traffic materializes. In this instance, rather than try to display your ad to those already searching for you (the “pull”), you have to place your message on other properties where your target market lives, to make them aware that you exist (the “push”).

In other words, rather than running search engine PPC ads, you need to use a site-targeted campaign to place your ads on web sites frequented by your target market. No matter how esoteric your offering, chances are very good that there are web sites that your market visits. That’s how you can “push” your message, rather than trying to “pull” from existing search engine traffic. You should really do both, because there is the possibility that running your ads could create awareness of the existence of your offering, and your market might then begin searching for information about it, rather than clicking your ad. So hedge your bets.

We will discuss the specifics of implementing a site-targeted campaign in later posts, but we just wanted to point out that just because sufficient search traffic does not exist yet doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of paid traffic. It’s the push versus the pull.

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