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Today we thought we would talk a little bit about where to distribute articles for Internet marketing purposes. If you’ve read much of our blog, then you know we are huge proponents of article distribution as a way to drive traffic to your web site. The key word there is DISTRIBUTION. You need to get it out there.

Here are some article directories to get you started:


All of the above sites require membership with the site to post articles. There is software that claims to distribute your article to lots of these kinds of sites at once. It’s probably worth investing in, although the surest way to get it done is manually.

One other article site we really like is http://isnare.com. It has a feature whereby you can have your article distributed to dozens of other sites that are part of its network, so that is a good, low-cost, high percentage way to leverage your efforts and reasonably sure that your article is getting distributed.

If you can write and distribute one article per week, it will have a profound impact on your web site – even more so if you combine article writing with blogging.

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