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Knowing what hours of the day your pay-per-click ads are running and when in the day you are generating the most clicks is very useful information to know. For instance, it may be the case that your ads are not running at all part of the day because your budget is getting spent too soon. Or it may be the case that there are particular times of day when action is hottest. If you know these kinds of things, you can make adjustments to your campaigns to maximize its effectiveness by making sure that your ads are displayed when people are most actively looking for your kind of information.

Here is how to generate this kind of data for your Google AdWords campaign:

1. After logging into your Google AdWords console, click the Reports tab.

2. Click the “Create a Report Now” link.

3. Select a report type. If you are going to be looking at time of day performance at a high level (campaign or ad group), then select ad group performance or campaign performance. If you want to see more detail, such as time of day performance for a particular ad or keyword, click keyword, ad, or URL performance.

4. In the Settings section, set the “View” dropdown list to Hourly (by date) or Hourly (regardless of date), depending on whether or not you want to see aggregate data or data for individual dates.

5. Set the other necessary options, such as the date range for the report.

6. Click “Create Report”.

Now you will have a report that tells you what times of day your keywords and ads perform best.

If your ads are not even being displayed throughout the day, then you might want to increase your budget. Or if there are certain times of day when your campaign performs particularly well, then you might want to set the campaign to run only during those certain hours and ramp up your campaign to show more ads during those times.

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