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Google continues to position itself as the ultimate integrated advertising platform with the recent release of its Google Print Ads service. You can now use Google to purchase newspaper ads on an auction-based system. This is good for both the newspapers and advertisers. Newspapers will now have a way to sell unsold ad space, and advertisers have a way to purchase ad space at a discounted price.

The system works as follows:

1. First you select the newspaper(s) you would like to advertise in.
2. You select the section, day of the week, and ad size.
3. You set a price you are willing to pay for the advertisement.
4. If the newspaper accepts your price, you upload your ad through the Google system.

It’s a cheap and efficient system. Rather than haggling with newspaper ad salesmen, you just use the Google system.

The downside is that you are not assured of having your ad run. So you may not want to use the system if newspaper advertising is the cornerstone of your marketing program or critical to your success. But if you just want to use it as a cheap way to extend your marketing message, then it’s ideal. If your bid is accepted, then you may be able to purchase advertising at a steep discount from retail. If not, no big deal. You didn’t lose anything.

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