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Using a tool like Ping.fm, you can integrate your blog, your Twitter account, and your Facebook account. We’re talking about dynamically combining content from multiple sources into content for a third or more web page.

Here is a hypothetical example.

Let’s say I run an Internet marketing company in Nashville…wait a minute, that’s not so hypothetical is it? Anyway, I update my company’s blog every Tuesday and Friday. A couple of times per day, I also update our Twitter account. Assuming it takes me one hour per blog post and five minutes per tweet, that would represent a total time investment of just under three hours.

At the moment, I am only updating my blog and my Twitter account for those three hours. With a little ingenuity, I can also keep a major social networking site such as Facebook updated with very little additional time.

With an application like Ping.fm, I can have my Facebook status updated every time I post a new tweet. Taking it a step further, I can use the Facebook Notes application to update my Facebook account every time I update my blog. So now, for those same three hours, I am not only updating my blog and Twitter, I am also updating my Facebook page.

One problem is that just having a Facebook account doesn’t do us any good if we don’t have any friends in the account. So I may need some additional time to periodically log into Facebook and search for new friends. I could even automate that part using a tool like Facebook Blaster. But I would still want to periodically log into my Facebook account to check things out. You never really want to automate something and then just forget about it.

Since I’m using Ping.fm, I could also choose to set up some more social media pages and have them update every time I update my blog. In this case, it will be important to separate blogs from update sites using groups. Otherwise, I will end up with a bunch of extremely short blog posts with no titles. I have made that mistake before and it looks really bad.

So, the whole point of this exercise: whereas before I put in the time and only managed to update my firm’s blog and Twitter account, I can now update the blog, Twitter account, AND a Facebook account.