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Marketing starts before marketing begins:

Your new website may look very pleasing to the eye of the visitor. Unfortunately things can look very different from a Search Engines point of view. When a search engines’ spider or bot visits your site it reads it in a way which differs from how a human views it. It is very important that the search engine is able to locate and index the site text, which (one can only hope..) will contain keywords outlining your products or services.

A simple redesign of your website can create a huge difference in how your website is currently ranked. Your website will remain exactly the same to the eye of your visitors but the search engines will read it the most effective way to make your website search engine friendly too.

This is often overlooked when it comes to Search Engine Optimization yet it can give you an edge over your competitors’ website, ensuring that your important keywords are the first thing that a search engine spider reads. Are you still not convinced? Perform a search for your product or service, and then view a site that is highly ranked. I bet you can find a few things you can improve to increase your search engine visibility.

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Chris Work

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