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Search engine optimization techniques can be applied systematically and scientifically. There is a specific set of activites you can perform that will almost guarantee that you can at least achieve some visibility – that people will see your web site in the search engines. But to take things to the next level, you should couple your SEO campaign with the element of BUZZ.

Buzz means that your story is so interesting to people in your market niche that they can’t stop talking about you. In his book BuzzMarketing, Mark Hughes discusses six buttons of buzz – six things that push people’s buttons – around which you can build a marketing concept of buzz. They are:

The taboo
The unusual
The outrageous
The hilarious
The remarkable
The secrets

These are basically hooks to use as marketing concepts. An example of outrageous buzz marketing is Robert Allan’s old stunt of being dropped in the middle of a city with only a few hundred bucks in his pocket yet end the weekend owning hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate. I can’t speak for the long-term value of the investments he made, but it was a brilliant marketing move because it got people talking. Allan proved that it was possible to purchase a large amount of real estate with almost no money down, and has sold many millions of dollars worth of books and training courses as a result.

After Thanksgiving, I’ll go into more detail about using the above marketing hooks for your online marketing. I recommend you pick up Hughes’ book. It will kickstart your thinking about buzz marketing concepts you can apply to your business.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’m gonna try and pick up the pace.

Have a great Thanksgiving!