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According to Online Media Daily, Yahoo! and Create With Context surveyed 2,261 customers who had recently engaged in an online transation such as consumer electronics, automobiles, hotels or loans. Their conclusion was that 40% of those surveyed could be classified as “brand advocates” – meaning they discussed and endorsed their preferred brands with others. For instance, they might discuss their favorite brands on message boards or on a mySpace page.


This definitely underscores the importance in building a strong “brand” for your company. Working like hell to sell your product or service is a bit of a waste if you don’t have a “brand” by which your market can identify you.

So think long and hard about the colors on your web site, your logo, the “look” of your web site. And think long and hard about the story of your business. And what it is that differentiates you from others. If there isn’t anything, create something. Because it is likely that 40% of the people you sale to online will go on to endorse your brand and spread your brand to others. If they feel you’re worth it.

And if you have a brand.

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