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Twitter has released its “list” feature and I think it has some potential to be a very useful tool in the context of a Twitter marketing campaign. It lets you create lists of other Twitter users. A separate Twitter sub-page is then created where people can view the updates from those on the list. If you follow lots and lots of people, this is a good way to really keep track of the ones you are interested in.

Another handy feature is that other users can follow your lists. So if you spend some time creating good lists, that is a good way to feed those users into other accounts. Why would this be useful? For one thing, you are providing a service to others by helping sort through users that are actually worth following. Secondly, if you have multiple Twitter accounts of your own, you can include them in your lists, which could definitely help expand the number of followers for those lists.

Creating a list is quite easy. Click on the Create a New List button. On the next screen, you give your list a name and add users to it. You can search for users using the search text box, but you are probably going to want to add existing users you follow to the list. To do that, you just have to visit those users’ Twitter pages, then click the Lists button at the top. Your newly created list will appear as an option. Click on the list name to add that particular user to the list.

The new list feature is definitely a Twitter feature you should explore. If you just like to read what others are having to say, you can use it for that. But I also think there are more strategic uses if you put some work into it. We will explore this feature more in later blog posts.