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Congratulations Florida Gators on your second football national championship in three years. We here at Work Media are Vols fans, but we are proud of the way the University of Florida represented our conference. Florida’s head coach, Urban Meyer, is someone to be studied and learn from. He is a model of success. Here is a quick analysis of some of Urban’s qualities that have resulted in such success, and how those same qualities could help your business.

1. He brings in the best players. Florida’s roster is stacked with some of the fastest athletes on the planet. You probably don’t need world class athletes for your business – you just need people who are very, very good at what they do. Don’t be afraid to hire people who know more than you do. Your employees represent your business, so make sure you hire people who will represent you well.

2. He plays to his team’s strengths. Tim Tebow has a great arm, but the Gators’ strength is using him in all kinds of different ways, sometimes as a human battering ram. There is probably something your business does better than anyone. Play to those strengths. Find your niche and exploit it.

3. He pays attention to details. Florida runs a precision offense that relies on perfect timing. In your business, you need to have absolute clarity about your business. You need to who your best customers are, what marketing efforts are returning a profit, how your investments are doing, etc.

4. He displays absolute confidence. Urban Meyers knows he’s good, and he knows his team is good. He doesn’t boast, but goes about his business cleanly and professionally. You need to be the same way with your business. If you were not really good at what you do, you wouldn’t be in the business of doing what you do. So stay confident. Prospective customers will pick up on that confidence and will want to do business with you.

5. He stays calm under pressure. Even a team as powerful as the Florida Gators is going to have its ups and downs. For much of the night, Oklahoma had Florida on the ropes, moving the ball inside Florida’s ten yard line on two drives. But the Gators refused to budge and stuck to their plan. In your business, you need to be calm and level-headed under pressure to make the best decisions. And don’t freak out when things don’t go as planned. Create a plan, work your plan, and make adjustments on the fly. But don’t abandon your plan at the first sign of trouble.

6. He is loyal to his team. Meyer is tough on this players, but he also loves them and is there for them in times of hardship. Don’t think his players don’t realize that and play their hardest for him. The same goes for your team. Be a loyal employer, give your employees the guidance they need, and be there for them in difficult times, even when dealing with issues outside the office.

Follow Urban’s game plan and you can be on your way to winning a national championship in business. Now let’s go!