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Launching a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is more than creating compelling ads. You need to place just as much emphasis on where you’re sending these visitors. When a visitor locates your product or service in a PPC ad you certainly don’t want to send this person on a wild goose chase. Make it simple for the user! If you sell electronics and you’re advertising a special on stereo speakers you don’t want to send the user to your home page. You want a seamless transition from your ad to the landing page. Land him on the speaker page and make sure the promotion is visible at that point. You never want the user searching for the promotion. You can even create custom landing pages outlining the product specs, which can be extremely effective if the user is seeking a specific brand or model. Just make sure the page uses the same design and layout as your site. Using custom landing pages also gives you the ability to perform A/B testing. Create 2 versions of the landing page and examine the results. This allows you to optimize your pages accordingly and maximize your performance.

Once the PPC campaign is active and you’re enjoying new sales the job isn’t over. Where is the traffic going that didn’t purchase? You paid for it, right? If you didn’t close the sale today let’s look at a couple ways we might get this sale tomorrow or next week. Include a “bookmark this page” link at the top of every landing page. We don’t like to hear it, but there are more shoppers online than buyers. Let’s make it easy for the customer to come back and take advantage of that great deal! Another technique is a sign up form to receive specials by email. If they’re happy with the deal you’re offering today, more than likely they’re going to take advantage of your sales in the future.

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