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Guys, I’m sorry. I just can’t keep these blogs updated lately. Things have gotten very busy around the office. We’re in a bit of a growth spurt and things are quite busy around the office. I really hope to find more time in the coming weeks to start updating our blogs more often and teaching some things. Teaching…let’s see…okay, here’s a lesson:

When advertising on the Yahoo Search Marketing platform, it is absolutely critical that you separate search and content campaigns. The reason is that your quality score for the entire campaign will be based on the combined performance of search and content. This is usually not a good thing because content is going to perform much worse, which is going to drag down your entire campaign…causing you to have to pay more for your search engine clicks. So keep the two separated and you should get better performance from your Yahoo search engine ads.

We have signed on a couple of new clients. Please welcome to the Work Media family New Jersey-based law firm Clark & Clark. We will also doing some widget development for Prototype Advertising, a Virginia-based advertising firm. We also recently completed a Zen Cart ecommerce installation for our client World Floors Direct.

We are working with our client C. Emory Cross on a new workers comp blog. If you’re into talking about insurance and workers comp…check it out.