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Well, yes, I am still writing 30 minutes every day per my New Year’s challenge to myself. Then where the heck all our your blog updates then (you might ask)? Lately I’ve been devoting all my time to finishing up our next book, titled something like:

Be the Magnet
(How to Use Social Media and Content Distribution to Attract Customers and Business Opportunities)

The book is about using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo.com, in conjunction with a content distribution campaign (articles, blogs, etc.) to spread your brand, generate visibility, and drive traffic to your web site. The book is being finished up, I’m working on artwork, and am about ready to set up the review copy that we will order from our publisher.

So we’re excited and believe it will be something a lot of people will want to check out. So that’s why no blog updates lately…just too busy finishing up something bigger!