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Okay, check out http://twitterforbusiness.blogspot.com/. I’ve been deeply involved lately in researching various Twitter management tools. You know how we are…always trying to do more with less. This new blog is the start of our attempt to document what we learn in the process of trying different tools and strategies for using Twitter for business promotion. We hope you’ll hang out.

Now, as to blogging in general…

Be better than me.

Jerry Work here. I do most of the blogging for Work Media. And I haven’t blogged here in over a week. I have been very busy and have actually done a lot of blogging, but for other projects.

So be better than me. Don’t forget about your main blog. Take the time every week to type out original thoughts about your business or industry.

You’re situation is probably a little different than mine. I do a lot of content distribution and blogging type stuff for my clients in all different industries. Honestly…sometimes I just don’t feel like typing out any more blog posts. I really shouldn’t use that as an excuse. But I will any way.

You probably have the luxury of only talking about things related to your business. So take the time to type out your thoughts. It will be well worth it.