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I’ve begun using an online tool called Ping.fm to manage my social networking activities. I have looked at a number of different such applications, but i really like this one. It has a pretty easy to use interface, and it works with a lot of different platforms.

To use it, first you need accounts set up at a few social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and maybe a blog or two. Then you create an account at Ping.fm and add your “networks” by telling the application what sites you want to manage and what your logins for the sites are.

Once that is done, rather than logging into individual web sites to update blogs and statuses and whatnot, you can just type a message into a textbox at the Ping.fm site and it automatically posts it to the various other sites you have configured.

Another interesting feature is that you can also use the application to update your various social networking sites via a mobile device. So if you are away from your computer but have an idea for something to post to your social networking sites, you can just submit the post to Ping.fm via your phone.

This is a concept that I encourage you to explore because it is a high leverage concept. I am a huge fan of writing something once and using it in many different places (when done ethically), and Ping.fm and similar services make that process much easier.