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Increasing search engine impressions to improve overall visibility

Case Study: SEO Campaign to Improve Search Visibility for Nationwide Plumbing Services Company

The Challenge

A national provider of a very specific kind of plumbing service for multifamily residences needed to improve its search engine visibility and drive more targeted, organic search traffic to its website.

The Solution

Work Media wrote a detailed Search Engine Optimization plan and worked closely with company management on its ongoing implementation. The plan focused on specific segments of search traffic and the development of site content to target those segments.

Steadily increasing search engine impressions and indexed content

Keyword Research

The first step in building a search engine marketing campaign was to engage in intense keyword research to identify the best candidates for optimization.

On-page Optimization

Once keywords were mapped to specific pages, we scientifically optimized the pages for those keywords.

New Content Creation

The optimization process continues with the ongoing creation of new content mapped to specific keywords.