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It took us a while to really get into blogging. Considering that our blog is not just personal musings on random topics but is instead meant to be an educational resource on the subject of Internet marketing, it took some discipline to get into the habit of thinking of a topic every day (or almost every day) and composing a halfway readable blog post. This whole thing has sort-of been our own personal experiment. You see, we’re from an SEO/PPC background – doing things like tweaking code and copy to emphasize certain keywords, and doing what we could to get links pointing to our clients’ sites. Or just outright paying for traffic. But a few months back we decided to shift to a more content-oriented strategy. So we set up out blog and re-worked our site to feed our own blog material into our main web pages. Now every time we update our blog our whole site gets updated. And then we started blogging, without doing anything else other than pinging some blog directories and Technorati.com. That’s it.

Interesting things have begun to happen. We’re getting top search engine rankings for, and traffic from, search phrases we never even thought of just because they happen to be in the title or in the copy of our blog posts. Most of these are Internet marketing-related, such as “target keyword density”. We never would have thought to try and specifically optimize a page for that keyword, and it probably would not have been worth it. But we picked up a little traffic from the phrase because we discussed it in a blog post.

Here’s one that is out of this world: www.gibsonguitars.com. We used this web address as an example in one of our blog posts, yet now we have TWO listings on page one of a Google search for this phrase. We wouldn’t even know about it except that someone actually clicked through to our site, so we saw it in our analytics.

So start blogging. Seriously. Become an information hub for your industry by creating original new content almost every day. It will take some time and it may be months before you really see the effect, but eventually you will start getting free traffic from completely unlikely sources.

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