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Jerry Work here. Well…so much for my “2010 30 minutes writing every day” challenge. I used to blog every day, but business has been so good this year that I just haven’t had time (or the discipline, I should probably say) to do much blogging. But I am once AGAIN re-starting my blogging efforts. I thought I would start by just providing an update about what’s going on around the office.

To start off with business is good. We’re working with some very large companies, like Kirkland’s and Comdata, as well as many much smaller companies. That’s what is great about the world of search engine marketing: everybody is on a level playing field. If you’re willing to put in the work (or pay a company like mine to put in the work), then you can give yourself as much as or more visibility than the biggest companies in your industry.

For example, we have a legal client in Nashville that is a MUCH smaller firm than his big budget local competitors, yet for his practice area, he ranks above the bigger firms (in the number one spot in most cases) in just about every possible keyword related to that practice area for Nashville. It doesn’t matter that the bigger companies have more money…our client has US. And we don’t like to lose.

Anyway, we have created a new company (a corporation with Work Media as the majority shareholder) specifically for offering Internet marketing services to the legal industry, Virtuoso Legal Marketing Inc. We don’t have an official website up for it yet, but our legal marketing portal (http://www.law-firm-internet-marketing.net) will serve as part of our online marketing presentation for the new company. The company is created and has its own checking account, but no marketing. However, we do have a very high quality person ready to lead it to success. Mr. Brad Hart is our newest associate, and he arrives with many years of experience specifically promoting law firm websites. We are thrilled to have Brad on board. Our core team is now rock solid and we are ready to tackle anything that comes our way.

I have paused sale of the new social media book (Be the Magnet) while I revamp it. There are some things that I have changed my mind about or do differently just since finishing that, so I want to take another look at it and make it better. In addition to book publishing, we are also about to enter the world of magazine publishing. We are working on the debut issue of our first magazine, tentatively titled The Journal of Law Firm Internet Marketing. The first issue of that should be finished this month and it will be released as part of the marketing push to promote the new company.