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I am reading an outstanding book right now, Jay Abraham’s The Sticking Point Solution. I cannot recommend it enough. If you don’t know who Jay Abraham is, he is possibly the world’s top marketing expert. To hire Abraham for personal consulting for your business will likely cost you tens of thousands of dollars (for just a few hours of his time). But his book brilliantly distills his formulas and strategies into a blueprint that any business can follow to achieve stratospheric results.

One thing I really like about Abraham’s writing style is that he deals with specifics, rather than vague generalities. His book is filled with all kinds of examples highlighting the strategies he talks about, taken from his personal experience working with clients in hundreds of industries.

Abraham is big on the use of leverage. I use the word leverage a lot in talking about what I do. Write something once and then use it hundreds of different times. That’s leverage in the context of online marketing. Abraham talks about leverage in terms of utilizing the resources of others. For example, finding a possible joint venture partner who has access to companies you would like to sell your services to.

Work Media is going through a transitional phase, and this book is the perfect material for what we are going through. My mind has been racing with ideas since I started reading the book. I’m not even done with it yet, but I like it so much I just had to go ahead and write a bit about it. I rarely endorse particular books or products, but The Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham comes highly, highly recommended.

The book is out now and can be found on Amazon.com or just about anywhere else, I would imagine.

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