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SEO is a confusing service to purchase. Talk to ten different companies and you’ll hear much of the same thing, yet get ten wildly different prices.
So here is a list of seven questions that will help you make the determination of what firm to hire.

1. How many hours per month will you be devoting to promoting my site? If you have received a quote that is very low, it may be because you’re really not getting very much time for your money.

2. Who will actually be doing the work? Is it done in-house or farmed out to off-shore contractors?

3. What is your hourly rate? If a firm’s rate is too low, is it a real business or some guy doing it from his house on the side? You should know this.

4. Can you give some examples of rankings earned for clients? This one is obvious.

5. What are your methods? Here is where it helps to have done some homework and know a thing or two about search engine optimization. Avoid any company that immediately starts talking about meta tags.

6. How do you decide on keywords? Your SEO firm should offer guidance to help you choose keywords that generate a reasonable amount of traffic with as little competition as possible.

7. Do you have referrals? Even if you never follow up with the referrals, you’d like to see that the firm is confident enough to provide them.

So there you have it. Ask these seven questions and you will have a much better understanding of what any particular SEO firm offers and what the true cost is.

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