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First off, let me say that I LOVE the concept behind this product. The idea is that you can load up a text article into the system and it will automatically create a video, with a robotic voice that reads certain parts of the article. The web site claims that you can do the whole thing – create a video from an article – in three minutes. You can then distribute it to a bunch of video directories right from the same interface.

Great idea…very poor execution.

This software might be adequate if you make your living from affiliate sales and just want to create dozens of junk videos to distribute to try and generate search engine visibility for long-tail keywords. Personally, I am against the creation of junk content just to try to sell something. I am NOT against the creation of large amounts of content, but I think that content needs to be legitimate and of a reasonably high quality.

If your image is important to your business’ success, then you should probably not use this software. The videos basically consist of an audio voiceover combined with somewhat animated still images. There is nothing wrong with the idea of creating videos this way (we do it all the time), but transitions should be smooth, and the voiceover should sound somewhat professional. We were spending so much time trying to tweak on our videos using Article Video Robot, it became apparent after a few tries that it would be much quicker to just create our videos manually using video editing software (even if all you have is Windows Movie Maker).

One of the main problems is that the computerized voice readings of article text tend to need a LOT of tweaking to sound reasonably human. The software gives you the option of recording your own voice for each “frame” (which corresponds to a paragraph of the text article) of the video. But again, by the time we do all that, it would have been just as fast to manually record an audio track and mix it with some still shots using video editing software. As for the creation of videos in three minutes…only if you want your videos to look and sound like garbage.

The Article Video Robot web site claims that the company offers a risk free trial. This is not true. After requesting a refund, having used the product for less than two weeks (well within the trial period), we were denied a refund because we had done four video submissions (which was actually two videos, due to two failed attempts at using the system). What I wonder is how we were supposed to thoroughly try the system out without actually creating and submitting videos.

Trust me, I wish I had the time back that I spent trying to use this junk software.

Article Video Robot is definitely not recommended.