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If you’re reading our blog chances are you probably have some understanding in the importance of online marketing. No one can argue that it isn’t important to have your site listed on the first or second page of the major search engines. However, over the last year a new sector of search engines have exploded with popularity. Local search engines such as Yellow Pages, SuperPages and local search provided by Google, Yahoo and MSN have made it easier for the consumer to find a service or product in their own neighborhood. If I’m looking for a tire store I certainly don’t want to drive 100 miles risking a blow out to purchase tires. I want to find the nearest location to my home or apartment.

The process of submitting your website to the local search engines is basically the same as you would with any other search engine. However, you want to make sure your site is prepared. For example: You want to include your business address on all of your pages and in your Meta tags. If someone includes the zip code in their search you are more likely to be listed in the results. SuperPages reported in 07/05 that 90% or their searches included a city and or zip code. It’s also a good practice to include other local clues in your text. This may include parks, schools, streets, landmarks and other things that will help someone find your business. Another benefit of listing your site in the local search engines is the type of leads that use local search. On average 75% of users contact a business they found while performing a local search. Now that’s what I call a hot lead!

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Chris Work