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Wanna see a real time example of theft? Do this:

Go to http://GoDaddy.com

Search for a made-up domain name, something very unlikely to already be registered. If your first choice is already taken, try again. Repeat until you find one that is available, but do not actually register it. Then close the site.

Now go to http://NetworkSolutions.com and search for the same domain name. It should say that it is available.

Now go back to http://godaddy.com and search for the same domain name again. As you will see, the domain name is no longer available even though you have not registered it.

What happened? Network Solutions registered your domain name. If you want to buy it now, you will have to buy it from Network Solutions for $34.99, much higher than the normal price of $9.

Network Solutions claims this is a protection for you against a practice called “frontrunning”, which is registering a domain name that someone just searched for so that you can re-sell it to them at a higher price. Funny the way Network Solutions is doing exactly the same thing they claim they are protecting you from.

Look, we have dealt with Network Solutions on many occasions in the past, and our opinion has always been the same – that it is a terrible company to do business with. They are difficult to work with and they over-charge for their services. But as far as we’re concerned, this domain name issue goes beyond poor service. In our opinion, it is theft.

So…don’t do business with Network Solutions. You can get exactly the same services at a lower price from GoDaddy or any of dozens of other companies.

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