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We get lots of calls from businesses wanting us to optimize and promote their new web sites after their construction…people, people, when are you going to learn that you need to hire your search engine optimization expert BEFORE building your site?

We are working with an ecommerce site that was built in a platform that does not allow the product category links (which are text links) to have titles. This is a definite weakness and one that we would have suggested the company fix before launching the site. And this is just one example of numerous flaws that should be fixed. To fix these items now, our client will have to pay its developer to implement the changes. The Company would probably have saved money overall if it had hired us to begin with so that the site could be constructed properly to start with. But now that the site has already launched, extra charges are required to implement our suggested changes.

I wish I could get into the head of every person currently in charge of having a web site built for his business and say these words:

Hire a search engine optimization professional to consult on your web site development!
If you will do this the next time your business begins the process of launching a new site, you will end up with a site already optimized to rank well for specific keywords. You will also save yourself a lot of redevelopment time and expense because the site will already be done right the first time.

If your company is in the process of building a new web site, PLEASE CALL US! If you don’t call us, call somebody! Call somebody who is experienced in search engine optimization. Get it done right the first time, and save yourself a lot of frustration down the road. You can contact us at 888-299-4837 or email Info@WorkMedia.net.

By the way, did you get a chance to check out our video from Wednesday? There will be many more to come and we have already begun working on videos for our clients as well. The first one is a little crude, but we’re still getting our techniques down.