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Attention, interest, desire.

This is a classic direct marketing formula that, if you apply it to your online marketing, will make you much more successful. Today’s blog is a lesson in applying this formula to your Internet marketing.

The “Attention” in A.I.D. means that you use some kind of immediate, attention-grabbing start to your marketing. Typically, this is accomplished with a headline. Just like traditional advertising, your Internet marketing – a web page, an email, a press release, or whatever – needs to have a headline that sparks the curiosity of the reader.

Here are a couple of examples of classic headline formulas that have worked for years:

They laughed when I [did something] but not when I [did something else unexpected]

How to [do something] 236% better.

The first formula plays off of the human desire to do something, or to do it better. The original use of the headline was for instructional material about playing the piano. It implied that the product would teach anyone how to play the piano. The second example demonstrates the use of some kind of very specific, proven result. It may seem odd to use a percentage like 236% rather than some rounded number, but that kind of specificity lends credibility to the headline. The point is to try and craft some kind of headline that compels the reader to read more. The headline is the ad for the ad.

Once you’ve got the reader past the headline, it’s time to tell him all the reasons he should do business with you. This is the “Interest” part of the formula. The copy should focus on the reader and what she gains. This is where you tell all the benefits of your product or service. Benefits are not features. Features are the technical details of what you do or sell. It is things like size, color, and services that will be performed. You should not assume that the reader understands why the features are desirable. You should specifically tell him why the features are good. Translate every feature into a benefit to the prospect and focus your copy on that. Discuss features AFTER discussing benefits. The interest section is also where you can discuss your credentials and other things that set you apart from your competition.

The “Desire” part of the formula is where you convince the reader that he will benefit greatly if he does business with you right now, but will lose out if he delays. You create a feeling of desire by offering free bonuses if the prospect acts immediately, or a discount price. Or by placing a time limit on the offer, so that if action is not taken by some date, then the product or service will no longer be available.

The copy should close with a call to action – tell the reader exactly what to do. Make it EASY to do business with you.

It is possible that strict adherence to the A.I.D. formula isn’t quite appropriate for your business. But you need to keep it in the back of your mind when writing copy for your web site or other purposes. Provide the reader with valuable information, but don’t forget – ultimately, your goal is to turn a prospect into a customer.

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