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We just finished work on a small web site for a local client, Property Solutions of Tennessee, which provides janitorial cleaning services for businesses in Nashville. Here is the URL:


I advise you to check out the HTML on this site for an example of what a cleanly (and thus, more search engine friendly) site looks like. The main thing to take note of is how little code there is that formats the page. The sections of the page are separated by div tags that describe their appearance. There is some in-line styling used in a couple of places that would be better moved to an external file. But all in all, the code is minimal, which makes it much easier for search engine spiders to find what they are looking for.

Also take note of the keyword-rich title which is not overly bloated. The title is exactly ten words (although the word “of” in the title really doesn’t count), and almost every words in the title is a keyword related to the company’s business. The page also has meta tags that contain roughly the same keywords used in the title and in the page copy.

The other pages of the site all have a keyword link at the bottom that points to the home page. This establishes a theme for the site and boosts the home page relevance for those keywords.

This site has an excellent chance at ranking well. It is cleanly coded and optimized for specific keywords we uncovered in our research that we think our client has an excellent chance at ranking for. The only thing lacking now is some external keyword links (or any links in the case of a new site like this one) linking to the site.

If you operate on a local level and are careful with your keyword research, you can build a site that has a high change at ranking well, if you code the site well and use your target keywords throughout.