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You need to pay close attention to what your Web site statistics are telling you. There are pieces to a story buried in your data. The more you dig, the more of that story you will learn. For example, here are some of the types of things you can learn:

What keywords are profitable? This is especially relevant when using paid search. With paid search, you can know exactly what your return on investment is for individual keywords. If you are strictly looking at natural search, you can examine the funnel that resulted in people filling out your form. For example, what search engine and keyword did people use who filled out your contact form?

Is there anything that is particularly ineffective? For example, if you see that you have lots of content campaign links with a very high bounce rate, then that is a strong clue that that is a poor use of your marketing dollars.

What are the pages on your site where people most often leave? These pages may need improvement, or they may need some way to capture the user’s email address before he leaves.

What non-paid keywords are people using to find your site?

What is your average bounce rate? If is is very high, then that is a sign that your site needs work on content, design, or both. It needs to be more “sticky” so that people hang around.

These are just a few examples of the things you can learn from an examination of your web site statistics. The more you know, the better you can fine tune your site for best performance. If you need some help with your online marketing campaign, contact Work Media at 888-299-4837 or email Info@WorkMedia.net.