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If you publish a regular blog, you should take the steps to make sure that those searching for blog posts in sites like technorati.com can find your blog. So you want to do three things:

  1. Use keywords that someone might use to search for your site in the title and body of the blog post.
  2. Tag your posts with the same keywords.
  3. Ping the blog directories and sites like technorati.com.

Some people will search for your blog post by doing a keyword search. So here you need to thing along the same lines of web page optimization. We don’t believe you necessarily have to worry too much about things like keyword density, but you should try to use as many different variations of your keywords as you can.

Some people will search for your blog post based on a tag. For instance, you could search for blogs tagged “internet marketing” to view all blogs that had been specifically tagged that way, even if the words “internet marketing” were not used in the blog.

Most blogging applications should be able to tag your posts automatically (you will have to specify the tags). For instance, in Blogger.com, the application we use, we can enter “labels” (the same thing as tags), and Blogger will automatically create a web page for each tag which contains all of our posts with that same tag. It will then add hyperlinks at the bottom of the post which link to those pages.

After you post your blog, you can use a service like http://pingomatic to ping a number of blog directories at once, so they know that your blog has been updated.

So if you tag your posts with keywords and use the keywords in the blog title and content, your blog will be better optimized to appear in social bookmarking / blogging applications, which should earn you some nice links back to your site if you regularly post and ping the blog directories.

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