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Internet Marketing Report Podcast – 7 Zero Cost Strategies for Making Better Use of Your Video Content

How to Run a Video Ad Campaign on YouTube

How to Run a Video Ad Campaign on YouTube

The way that people find and view video content is changing. Traditional television viewing continues to decline while consumers consume more and more video content through online channels. 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. That is an absolutely...

Keep Rockin’ – Be Unique in Your Marketing – Internet Marketing Report Video Edition

You must find a way to make your marketing content interesting, even if you are not a big, dynamic personality. Jerry discusses this while doing one thing he loves – picking on a guitar.

Free Web Sites that Make Video Distribution Easier

Wow, we are really doing a lousy job with this blog this month. For about the last week, a large chunk of any available time at my (Jerry) disposal has been consumed with this law firm linking system we’ve been developing. The code for such a thing is extremely...

Here Comes Video

We are getting heavy into video. We have been working on our first educational video that we will be disributing via video directories such as YouTube. We are testing a new service that lets you combine an audio track with static images to quicky create a video...