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Improving Your Online Advertising ROI with Better Targeting

Jerry talks about what he is learning based on some experiments he is conducting in Facebook regarding how he sets up his geographic targeting. This is valuable information that can help you greatly improve the performance of your online advertising anywhere, and not...

How to Use Tracking URLs (video)

In the latest video from Work Media Studios, I talk about why it is necessary to set up URL tracking parameters and show how to do it. I also briefly rail against the current prohibition against hemp oil advertising by the major online advertising platforms (but as I...
Behind the Scenes with the Work Media Media Team

Behind the Scenes with the Work Media Media Team

Yes, that’s right. We said “media media.” Get a behind the scenes look at the Work Media media team working on some music for a new marketing project.

Keep Rockin’ – Be Unique in Your Marketing – Internet Marketing Report Video Edition

You must find a way to make your marketing content interesting, even if you are not a big, dynamic personality. Jerry discusses this while doing one thing he loves – picking on a guitar.

Four AdWords Strategies You May Not Be Using

Despite what you hear these days about Facebook domination, search engine marketing is alive and well. Since I’ve got AdWords on my mind, I thought I would take this opportunity to pass along some strategies that might help you be more successful using Google to...