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Wow, we are really doing a lousy job with this blog this month. For about the last week, a large chunk of any available time at my (Jerry) disposal has been consumed with this law firm linking system we’ve been developing. The code for such a thing is extremely complex, and it seems like I just keep tripping over myself. It would probably help if I were a professional programmer, and not an Internet marketer trying to hack code together on his lunch break or late at night when my eyeballs feel like they’re going to melt from staring at a computer screen.

Hmmm…we’re already pretty deep into this blog post and I haven’t said a thing that is of any use to someone looking to learn about Internet marketing. Here’s something:

I have found a couple of sites that you can use for free to do video distribution. Well, one is for distribution and the other is for something else. One problem I have had is cleanly downloading videos from YouTube. YouTube does not have any kind of its own functionality to let you download videos you like. But I found a site, www.savevid.com, that makes it extremely easy…and it works! The videos you download actually seem to be just as high in quality as the original video hosted on YouTube. So…if you have a video or know of a video on YouTube that you would like to do something with, just visit www.savevid.com, type in the URL to the video, tell it what kind of file you would like, and you’re all done!

For distributing videos, I have been trying out www.tubemogul.com, and it seems to work very well. I have used a couple of other solutions (Traffic Geyser and Hey!Spread), but this one seems to be the most intensive in terms of providing in-depth analytics, and it is free! Definitely worth a try.

Okay. I feel better now. It has been two weeks since my last blog post, but at least I did give you a couple of sites to check out. Now go promote your web site!