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We are running a large campaign for a software company that sales design-related products. A lot of our time thus far on the project has been devoted to ad group “expansion” (that is, expanding the number of keywords and ads in each ad group). It is a multi-stage project, and the first stage is basically to start generating as much traffic as possible, and then later stages will be devoted to improving the quality of the traffic and increasing conversions.

We’ve been working on the project for a few weeks, and have begun generating a fair amount of traffic. So we decided it was time to take a look at the search traffic that was generating clicks and see what it looked like. We did this by generating a Search Query Performance Report from the AdWords Reports tab. The results were very enlightening.

What we discovered was that we were getting lots of traffic from completely irrelevant searches. We are using broad match, in order to maximize ad impressions, but we discovered that our ads are being triggered by way too many searches that are unrelated to the products we’re selling. Despite ad copy that clearly states the nature of our client’s business and its products, people are still clicking on the ads even if it is not relevant to what they are looking for.

The solution is to add negative keywords to the ad groups to prevent our ad from being displayed by all of the irrelevant searches. After generating the Search Query Performance report (with the data divided up by ad group), we pulled out bad search terms that had triggered clicks and added those as negative keywords to the proper ad groups. As a result, we should greatly cut down on the number of irrelevant impressions and clicks, which should result in improvement in our conversion rate. And that’s the ultimate goal.

So the negative for us is that now we’re going to have to do more keyword research to try and generate as much traffic as we can. But we’re pretty sure our client will be happy at the prospect of paying much less for conversions. After we add another round of keywords, we’ll have to repeat the whole process, generating reports to look for irrelevant search terms that are triggering our ads. But that’s what it’s all about – iterative improvements over time that maximize account performance.

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